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“I always enjoy my chats with David Kromelow on his podcast. He’s enthusiastic, informed, and goes the extra mile for his listeners. DK loves the NFL, and it shines through his work!” – Charles Davis (NFL Network, NFL on Fox)

“David’s energy and knowledge makes the Sports Krunch Podcast a must listen for all football fans. His interviews create informative conversation and I always enjoy appearing on the show for deep dive discussions! Sports Krunch Podcast is a great add for all pod fans.” 
-Connor Rogers, Bleacher Report and co-host of the “Stick to Football” podcast

“David and Chris do a tremendous job with Sports Krunch. DKrom is passionate, incredibly well read, and intelligent. As someone who has produced a lot of content, I know good work. These guys do good  work. It’s a fun, engaging, podcast.” – Jake Marsing, Managing Editor of  5280 Sports Network

Make sure you tune into Sports Krunch with David Kromelow each week. It’s highly informative with excellent guests that bring up to date and in-depth analysis all about the NFL. Every week is an exciting experience and with DKrom behind the mic, you’re in for a good hour of entertaining non-stop football talk
-Cole Thompson, Draft Wire 

“I had an awesome time talking NFL Draft with DKrom on the Sports Krunch podcast. David is a knowledgeable host and his podcast is one of the most informative out there. 5-stars all around!”
-Brian Bosarge, and Biletnikoff Award voter

The Sports Krunch podcast is a must-listen for all football fans. Host David Kromelow’s passion and knowledge of the game is second to none. The quality guests he is able to track down and have on his show makes for entertaining yet informative conversations.  His coverage of the 2018 Senior Bowl was fantastic and extremely useful to those who were not in Mobile. 
– Chris Shanafelt,

“The Sports Krunch Podcast is one of the more underrated football podcasts currently out there. With the witty host David Kromelow, the Sports Krunch Podcast covers a multitude of topics in a fun, informative, and entertaining way. I always enjoy coming on to the podcast with David to talk about the Denver Broncos and the latest buzz in the NFL Draft (especially the offensive and defensive linemen) where he guides the podcast cleanly while asking thought provoking questions to keep me as a guest on my toes. With some of the better draft analysts as regular guests on his shows, if you want to get an inside scoop at some of the upcoming Draft prospects that the main stream media isn’t panning up, give the Sports Krunch Podcast a listen.” – Nick Kendall, Mile High Huddle Denver Broncos Analyst

“When David first invited me on to join him on his Sports Krunch podcast I was honored–then, I was nervous: Having known him for a few years from our writing background, I knew his knowledge and insight of all things related to the NFL (analysis, NFL Draft, strategies, teams, etc.) meant I had to be on top of my game and make sure I brought my “A game” as a guest! David has brought out the best in me as a guest as he has ability to cover any topic, any team from the minutiae of their blocking schemes to their coverage strategy in the secondary to their head coach’s game management. What really stands out is his respect for his guest and his ability to guide the conversation seamlessly to allow his guest to share knowledge in an entertaining fashion. Unlike the mainstream podcasts, David has no spin, no promotion and no agenda other than to provide entertainment and educate the audience with top-notch NFL analysis. It is always an intelligent, entertaining and thought-provoking treat for the listener when they tune it to the Sports Krunch podcast.” – Hal Bent of MusketFire, Cover32 + Scout media

“David’s enthusiasm about the game of football is what makes this podcast fun. His willingness to reach out to outside sources for opinions as well as give respectful insight provides a unique perspective that other podcasts don’t provide. I recommend this podcast to any sports fan or football fanatic.” – Josh Forrest of


David Kromelow

Host and Creator of SportsKrunch

DKROM is a Sportswriter & sportscaster. Host of Sports Krunch With DKROM. Football junkie and old-school music lover. #GoBroncos

Chris Brodhead

Sports Krunch Producer

Chris is a creative content producer with a MBA from the University of Central Florida.  He loves to cheer on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Cubs, and Novak Djokovic.

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