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#246: WOMEN IN SPORTS I (A Conversation with Ally Redig)

1. How long have you been a football fan and what (or who) inspired you to work in the sports industry?

2. How did you get your start in the business and how did you get from then until now?

3.  This has been a monumental year for women in both sports and the non-sports world alike. We witnessed the election of the first woman Vice President of the United States (Kamala Harris), the first woman to play in Power Five conference college football game (Sarah Fuller of Wake Forest), the first woman to officiate in a Super Bowl (Sarah Thomas), and the first full-time female NFL coaches to win a Super Bowl (Lori Locust and Maral Javadifar). In terms of the NFL, what will be the next glass ceiling to be shattered (first female GM?, head coach?, player?)

4. You have a rather impressive list of clients, and one that stands out to me is Shelby Harris, who has played DT/DE for my Denver Broncos these past four seasons. Based on your experience working with him, what kind of person is he? Do you have an initial guess as to where he’ll end up in free agency?

5.  With Super Bowl LV officially in the books, many of us are already in draft season mode. Are you currently working with any of the prospects that have declared for the 2021 NFL Draft?

6.   What does your schedule in the weeks leading up to free agency look like?



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