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#261: Nick Kendell’s 2021 NFL Roster Rankings

1.  Before we begin here, please explain the criteria you used in determining the ranking of all 32 NFL rosters

2. NFC North (Packers 1 [3], Vikings 2 [7], Bears 3 [24], Lions 4 [31])

-Why did you rank the Vikings roster as high as you did? At least to me, they don’t seem anywhere near as strong as they were in 2018 when they were preseason Super Bowl darlings

-With Justin Fields now in the fold, what are the next must-dos for the Bears in roster building?

3. AFC West (Chiefs 1 [2], Broncos 2 [17], Chargers 3 [21], Raiders 4 [26])

-In your view, do the massive upgrades the Chiefs made to their OL solidify them as favorites for a third-consecutive Super Bowl trip?

-Why did you rank the Broncos, who have one of the worst QB rooms in the entire NFL, ahead of the Chargers and Raiders, who have two top-12 QB’s themselves in Justin Herbert and Derek Carr, respectively?

4. AFC North (Browns 1 [4], Ravens 2 [6], Steelers 3 [19], Bengals 4 [25])

-You and I are in agreement that the Browns are the most complete team in the AFC outside of Kansas City. What put them just one spot ahead of the Buffalo Bills in your rankings, and are they the best bet to top the Chiefs in the AFC despite having a worse QB situation than Buffalo?

-Would you be surprised if the Bengals ended up with a better record than the Steelers this season?

5. NFC West (Rams 1 [10], Seahawks 2 [11], 49ers 3 [15], Cardinals 4 [23])

-While several believe the Rams as the best team in the NFC to challenge the Bucs, you are more lukewarm on them. Why is that the case?

-The Seahawks roster is VERY top-heavy and they lack depth in many places, especially on defense. Are Russell Wilson and that receiving corps he has to throw to pretty much the only reasons why you have Seattle as the 11th best roster in the league?

-If Trey Lance hits the ground running with a vengeance in the next two years, do the Niners become the best team in the division again?

6. AFC East (Bills 1 [5], Patriots 2 [14], Dolphins 3 [18], Jets 4 [30])

-If Tua Tagovailoa takes a huge leap forward this season, do the Dolphins trade spots with the Patriots on your list roster wise?

7. NFC East (Cowboys 1 [8], WFT 2 [9], Giants 3 [20], Eagles 4 [29])

-What was the tiebreaker that made you put the Cowboys ahead of Washington? Should it surprise anyone at all if Washington wins the division for a second consecutive season?

8. AFC South (Titans 1 [12], Colts 2 [13], Jaguars 3 [28], Texans 4 [32]

-Compared to other NFL bottom-feeders in the past 5-10 years, how bad is this Texans roster? Is this like the worst roster in modern memory?

-Would it either surprise or shock you if Trevor Lawrence leads the Jaguars to a second-place finish in the division this season with say an 8-9 record?

9. NFC South (Bucs 1 [1], Saints 2 [16], Falcons 3 [22], Panthers 4 [27])

-If the Falcons trade Julio Jones as expected, how far does that push them down these rankings, if at all?

-Is the NFC South going to be the most lopsided, non-competitive division in the NFL in 2021?



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