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#266: WOMEN IN SPORTS + 2021 Denver Broncos Preview (with Romi Bean, CBS 4 Denver Sports Anchor/Reporter)

1. What will be the next major glass ceiling to be shattered in pro sports? Will it be the first woman NBA head coach, first woman NFL GM, first woman NFL offensive or defensive coordinator, or something else?

2. How did your experience as a Broncos cheerleader help make you into the strong, powerful woman you are today, and how pivotal were those seven years in getting you ready to go into sports media?

3. During your seven years on the team, did you ever encounter anyone giving you hell and/or stereotyping you for being a cheerleader? What can me and my fellow men do to help ensure a safe, healthy workplace environment free from such stereotypes and all other forms of sexual harassment for ALL women in sports?

4. You were a Broncos cheerleader in 2015, when the Broncos won Super Bowl 50. That was truly one of THE most intriguing Super Bowl championship seasons I have ever watched. Aside from going to San Francisco, dancing at the Super Bowl, and every post-game celebration that came afterward, what were some of your most memorable moments from that epic season? Did the cheerleaders get a Super Bowl ring, and how similar or different is it to the ring the players received?

5. Based on what you’ve heard, why did the Broncos decide to pass on Justin Fields and go with the current QB situation they have?

6. Would it be totally unsurprising if Teddy Bridgewater is the starter on September 12, or would he have to just absolutely beat out Drew Lock SIGNIFICANTLY to win the job right off the bat? What other training camp battles will you be watching?

7. Would anything less (and I mean ANYTHING less) than a playoff appearance this season cost Vic Fangio his job as head coach of the Broncos?

8. WAY TOO EARLY Predictions

-Broncos 2021 MVP: Courtland Sutton

-Broncos 2021 Breakout Player: Jerry Jeudy

-Broncos 2021 Bounce-back Player: Bradley Chubb

-Broncos final 2021 regular season record, place in division, playoff seed: 10-7, 2nd place in AFC West, #7 playoff seed

-If Broncos make playoffs, how far will they go? One and done



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