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#10: “Where Should Tony Romo Go? And other Important NFL Free Agency Questions” with Shelby Dermer

March 14, 2017

Hello again everybody, and welcome back to Sports Krunch with DKrom, I’m your host David Kromelow. The first wave of NFL free agency came and went in a flash, and now all teams are taking a step back to assess their situations as the 2017 NFL Draft. That said, that flash contained countless points of light that clarified many of the unknowns headed into free agency, yet also left a major mystery still unsolved. Joining us to break down the wild week that was in the NFL is our good friend Shelby Dermer, sports editor for Speakeasy Magazine at THE Ohio University. It’s a pleasure to have you back with us yet again, Shelby. How are you doing??

1. If Tony Romo is released, where should he go? What teams aside from the Texans and Broncos should inquire about trading for him? What would be your asking price if you were Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office??

2. Based on the Patriots acquisitions last week, is the NFL basically the Patriots and everybody else now? What team, on paper, comes close to being able to de-throne the five-time Super Bowl champs??

3. Should the Saints trade the 11th overall pick to the Patriots for Malcolm Butler??

4. How special can the 2017 Jaguars defense be?? What does Blake Bortles have to do at minimum to get this team not only winning again, but also contending for a playoff spot??

5. Which teams lost FA? Any additional winners other than the Patriots and Jaguars??

6. Who will wind up being the most overpaid signing in 2017 NFL Free Agency??

7. Who will wind up being the best bargain in 2017 NFL Free Agency??

And that’s all for today here on Sports Krunch with DKrom. But we will be back with a new episode in just a few days as my good friend Bill Carroll will join us to break down the 2017 NFL QB draft class. Also, be sure to check out our complete broadcast archive as well as an up-to-date blog of mine at!!! For Shelby Dermer, our produce Chris Brodhead, man in the box, I’m David Kromelow saying so long and stay awesome!!!

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