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#106 Dash To The Draft XI: AFC East Draft Preview w/Joe Caporoso of

April 04, 2018

As we know, the 2018 NFL Draft is one of the most anticipated in recent years due to the expected quarterback bonanza at the top of round one. And apparently all four teams in the AFC East want to get their hands on one of these promising young signal-callers. A few weeks ago, the Jets moved up to the third overall pick, guaranteeing them that one of their two favorite QB’s will end up in their lap. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills, the team with the largest amount of valuable draft capital this year, are feverishly planning a move up the board from number 12 overall, to potentially as high as 2 overall. And as a result of trading Brandin Cooks to the Rams yesterday, the Patriots now own two firsts and two seconds. And it was reported earlier today that they are plotting a massive move (or two) up the board to secure the heir to Tom Brady. And the Dolphins, despite not having as much capital as the former two, are expected to try to move up as well. Joining us today to preview the 2018 NFL Draft plans of these AFC East clubs is Joe Caporoso. Joe is the owner and founder of, where he blogs and podcasts about the NFL and of course, his beloved New York Jets.


  1. In light of yesterday’s trade, the Patriots and Bills are now two of three teams with four picks in the top 64. We all know the Bills are trying to move into the top five, but the Patriots, who do not have the successor to 41-year old Tom Brady now have the ammo to make such a move as well if they wish. In your opinion, which of those two teams is more likely to move up into the top five?
  2. If Buffalo is the more likely candidate, how can the Patriots beat them to the punch?
  3. Fill in the blank: If one of the “big four” QB’s New England loves falls past pick ________, the Pats should trade up in an instant


  1. The ideal scenario for the Jets at three (in my opinion) is for Sam Darnold and either Josh Allen or a non-QB to be the first two names off the board. The tealeaves that have come out in recent weeks suggest Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield are the two quarterbacks they covet the most. If both are available when the Jets are on the clock, which QB SHOULD the Jets take and why?


  1. Ideal four-round haul for the Jets


Round 1 (3):

Round 3 (72):

Round 4 (107):


  1. What price would it take the Dolphins to trade up to four?


  1. Ideal four-round haul for the Dolphins


Round 1 (11):

Round 2 (42):

Round 3 (73):

Round 4 (123):

Round 4 (131):


  1. Who do you think is the most likely trading partner for the Bills on draft night: The Giants at two, the Browns at four, or the Broncos at five? What is the highest possible price the Bills should be willing to pay?


  1. Ideal four-round haul for Bills [if they end up staying put]


Round 1 (12):

Round 1 (22):

Round 2 (53):

Round 2 (56):

Round 3 (65):

Round 3 (96):

Round 4 (121):


  1. Ideal four-round haul for Patriots [if they end up staying put]:


Round 1 (23):

Round 1 (31):

Round 2 (43):

Round 2 (63):

Round 3 (95):


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For Joe Caporoso, our producer Chris Brodhead, I’m David Kromelow saying so long, and of course, stay awesome!!!


Joe’s Twitter handle: @JCaporoso

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