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#107 Dash To The Draft XII: NFC West Draft Preview with Josh Forrest

April 07, 2018

Welcome back to Sports Krunch with DKrom ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host David Kromelow. We are now less than 20 days away from the 2018 NFL Draft and in that spirit, we continue our division-by-division draft previews today with a look at the NFC West. As we sit now, the Rams have assembled a “Super Bowl or bust” roster, the 49ers are a young team on the rise eager to take that next step, and both the Cardinals and Seahawks are in the midst of roster makeovers. To help us analyze how each team can get better in this 2018 draft, it’s a pleasure to welcome Josh Forrest of Tyrant Scouting back to the program. How are you Josh?


  1. I see four players that are realistically in play for the 49ers at nine: Roquan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds, Harold Landry, or Derwin James. If you were John Lynch, who would you have as the highest of those four on your board?


  1. Would you be willing to trade the Giants this and next year’s first for Odell Beckham, Jr. if you were the Niners?


  1. 49ers ideal four-round haul


1 (9):

2 (59):

3 (70):

3 (74):

4 (128):


  1. The Cardinals can go in multiple directions here given the roster overhaul they’re undergoing. They need another RT, more help in the secondary following the release of Tyrann Mathieu, another WR to replace Larry Fitzgerald, etc. Which need would you address at 15, provided Arizona stays there as expected?


  1. Cardinals ideal four-round haul


1 (15):

2 (47):

3 (79):

3 (97):

4 (134):


  1. Which is more important for the Seahawks to do with their first-round pick: Revamp the secondary, or help protect Russell Wilson? How far would you consider trading back if you were John Schneider?


  1. Seahawks ideal four-round haul


Round 1 (18):

Round 4 (120):


  1. Rams ideal four-round haul


Round 3 (87):

Round 4 (111):

Round 4 (135):

Round 4 (136):




That’s it for today here on Sports Krunch with DKrom. Stay tuned for the remainder division-by-division draft previews and a lot more draft-related content these next three weeks!! Also, be sure to check out the episode archive (including our 100th episode special with long-time NFL scout Greg Gabriel) as well as an up-to-date blog of mine at!! And if you enjoy these podcast episodes please consider leaving us an iTunes review and donating to our Patreon at so we can improve our iTunes ranking and afford to produce even more shows with awesome guests like Josh, especially since there’s NEVER an “offseason” for talking football.

For Josh Forrest, our producer Chris Brodhead, I’m David Kromelow saying so long, and of course, stay awesome!!!


Josh’s Twitter handle: @jpfscoutin

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