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#114 Dash To The Draft XVIX: NFC East Draft Preview with Emory Hunt

April 18, 2018

Welcome back to Sports Krunch with DKrom ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host David Kromelow. We are less than 10 days away from the 2018 NFL Draft and in that spirit today, we conclude our seven-episode-in-eight-day Dash to the Draft marathon…with the finalinstallment of our division-by-division draft previews. Our eight division pre-draft journey concludes with the NFC East. What do the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys have to do in this draft in order to give the defending Super Bowl champion Eagles a run for their money? What do the Eagles have to do in this draft in order to not only repeat as NFC East champions, but Super Bowl champions as well? Joining us to help us answer those questions is our good friend Emory Hunt, FANTASTIC NFL Draft analyst for It’s a pleasure to have you back on the program Emory, how are you doing?


  1. The Giants are the biggest wild card in this draft. There is absolutely no certainty as to what they’re going to do. Will they select Eli Manning’s successor? Will they pass on a QB and select a blue chip prospect like Saquon Barkley or Bradley Chubb instead? Or will they trade down? If you were Dave Gettleman, what would you do?


  1. Ideal four-round haul for the Giants [assuming they stay put]


1 (2):

2 (34):

3 (66):

3 (69):

4 (108):


  1. When you look at the Redskins, you would think this draft has to be centered on rebuilding their defensive front seven. Last year, they were an atrocious 31st-ranked against the run and they enter the draft with no significant fresh faces there. Would you address this need at 13, or do you think there’s a need that’s as significant for them to fill here?


  1. Ideal four-round haul for the Redskins


1 (13):

2 (44):

4 (109):


  1. Before last Friday, I was convinced the Cowboys would either address their LB, DT, or LG issues with the 19th overall pick. Now with Dez Bryant gone, I would be almost surprised if they didn’t take the first WR off the board. In what could be a make or break year for Dak Prescott, you have to give him whatever he needs to continue improving, and in a weak WR class, you almost certainly have to fill this gaping hole ASAP. What do you think?


  1. Ideal four-round haul for the Cowboys


1 (19):

2 (50):

3 (81):

4 (116):

4 (137):


  1. Despite picking at 32, the Eagles find themselves in a sweet spot. They can go countless different ways here. They can opt for another playmaker on offense at RB, WR, or even TE. They can select their replacement for Patrick Robinson at slot corner, select a potential long-term successor to Jason Peters at LT, or even strengthen their deep DL given the legal issues with Michael Bennett. There are very few holes, if any, on this Eagles roster right now. What need would you address first at this spot…and is trading down in Philly’s best interest?


  1. Ideal four-round haul for the Eagles


1 (32):

4 (130):

4 (132):


That’s it for today here on Sports Krunch with DKrom. But we will be back later in the week with a “what we think will happen” mock draft that includes a lot of trades…so stay tuned!! Also, be sure to check out the episode archive (including our 100th episode special with long-time NFL scout Greg Gabriel) as well as an up-to-date blog of mine at!! And if you enjoy these podcast episodes please consider leaving us an iTunes review and donating to our Patreon at so we can improve our iTunes ranking and afford to produce even more shows with awesome guests like Emory, especially since there’s NEVER an “offseason” for talking football.

For Emory Hunt, our producer Chris Brodhead, this is David Kromelow saying so long, and as always, stay awesome!!!


Emory’s Twitter handle: @FBallGamePlan

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