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#136 NFL News/Notes + 2018 Season Predictions & Picks w/ Hal Bent, OF FULLPRESSCOVERAGE.COM

September 01, 2018

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The preseason has concluded and we are less than a week away from the real beginning of the 2018 NFL regular season. Right now, the NFL is in the midst of its most brutal 48-hour period of the year as all 32 clubs are in the process of cutting down their rosters from 90 to 53, which they must do by 4 PM ET today. However, as much as I feel the pain of many of those players getting their dreams deferred right now, I would rather devote the time to discussing the excitement surrounding the National Football League this season…and that’s why today, we are doing our annual “NFL Predictions” episode. And once again, is there any better guy to do it with than my buddy Hal Bent of


Hal’s Twitter handle: @halbent01


  1. This week, the New York Jets did exactly what you recommended they do as they traded Teddy Bridgewater and a 2019 sixth-round pick to the Saints for a 2019 third-round pick. While you cannot ignore Mike Maccagnan’s brilliance in the QB market this offseason (blindly trading up to the third overall pick in the draft, re-signing McCown, signing Bridgewater for only $500K guaranteed and then turning it into a third-rounder), I think this is a fantastic deal for the Saints as well. Not only does Teddy Bridgewater give New Orleans arguably the best backup QB in the league in case Drew Brees gets hurt this year, he also gives them a legitimate potential long-term replacement for the future Hall-of-Famer. With Brees turning 40 after this season, should the Saints be willing to part ways with him and extend Teddy Bridgewater should the latter impress them these next four months?


  1. Also this week, we saw three historic NFL contract extensions get handed out. Odell Beckham, Jr. became the highest paid WR in NFL history, Aaron Rodgers became the highest paid player in NFL history, and just today, Aaron Donald became the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. However, Khalil Mack is still yet to get his and we shouldn’t expect to see him on the field until he does. That said, while the situation remains fluid, the Raiders are realizing that it may be in their best long-term economic interest to trade the All-Pro EDGE defender, and as of right now, all signs point to that happening. And three teams have been mentioned as a potential trading partner: the Packers (who have the draft capital to make such a trade work), the Browns and Jets (who have the cap space to make a long-term extension work). If you were Khalil Mack, which of those three teams would top your wish-list and why? Which one of those teams do you think ends up acquiring Khalil Mack?


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  1. 2018 Award Predictions


Award David’s Picks Hal’s Picks
League MVP Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan
Offensive POY Travis Kelce Drew Brees
Defensive POY Myles Garrett Joey Bosa
Offensive ROY Saquon Barkley Calvin Ridley
Defensive ROY Derwin James Bradley Chubb
Fantasy Football MVP Ezekiel Elliott David Johnson
Comeback POY J.J. Watt J.J. Watt
Coach of the Year Mike Zimmer Bill O’Brien/Dan Quinn


  1. 2018 Division Predictions


Division David’s Picks Hal’s Picks
AFC East 1. Patriots (13-3)

2. Jets (8-8)

3. Bills (5-11)

4. Dolphins (3-13)

1. Patriots (12-4)

2. Jets (7-9)

3. Dolphins (5-11)

4. Bills (4-12)

AFC North 1. Steelers (10-6)

2. Ravens (9-7)

3. Bengals (7-9)

4. Browns (5-11)

1. Steelers (12-4)

2. Ravens (9-7)

3. Bengals (7-9)

4. Browns (5-11)

AFC South 1. Texans (11-5)

2. Jaguars (10-6)

3. Titans (8-8)

4. Colts (6-10)

1. Texans (11-5)

2. Jaguars (8-8)

3. Titans (8-8)

4. Colts (7-9)

AFC West 1. Chargers (11-5)

2. Chiefs (10-6)

3. Broncos (7-9)

4. Raiders (5-11)

1. Chargers (10-6)

2. Chiefs (9-7)

3. Broncos (7-9)

4. Raiders (3-13)

NFC East 1. Eagles (10-6)

2. Cowboys (8-8)

3. Giants (8-8)

4. Redskins (5-11)

1. Eagles (11-5)

2. Cowboys (9-7)

3. Giants (7-9)

4. Redskins (5-11)

NFC North 1. Vikings (13-3)

2. Packers (11-5)

3. Lions (9-7)

4. Bears (7-9)

1. Packers (11-5)

2. Vikings (11-5)

3. Lions (6-10)

4. Bears (6-10)

NFC South 1. Falcons (11-5)

2. Saints (10-6)

3. Panthers (8-8)

4. Buccaneers (3-13)

1. Falcons (11-5)

2. Saints (10-6)

3. Panthers (9-7)

4. Buccaneers (4-12)

NFC West 1. Rams (11-5)

2. 49ers (8-8)

3. Seahawks (8-8)

4. Cardinals (5-11)

1. Rams (12-4)

2. 49ers (6-10)

3. Seahawks (6-10)

4. Cardinals (5-11)

  1. 2018 Playoffs and Super Bowl Predictions


Category David’s Picks Hal’s Picks
NFC Playoff Seeds 1. Vikings

2. Rams

3. Falcons

4. Eagles

5. Packers

6. Saints

1. Rams

2. Eagles

3. Falcons

4. Packers

5. Vikings

6. Saints

AFC Playoff Seeds 1. Patriots

2. Chargers

3. Texans

4. Steelers

5. Jaguars

6. Chiefs

1. Steelers

2. Patriots

3. Texans

4. Chargers

5. Chiefs

6. Ravens

NFC Championship Game Result Vikings 27

Packers 23

Falcons 28

Rams 24

AFC Championship Game Result Patriots 24

Chargers 16

Patriots 27

Steelers 24

Super Bowl LIII Result Vikings 31

Patriots 28 (OT)

Patriots 24

Falcons 20

Thank you Hal…and that’s it for today here on Sports Krunch, but we’ll be back in just a few days with our Week 1 preview…so stay tuned! Meanwhile, be sure to check out the episode archive as well as an up-to-date blog of mine at!! And if you enjoy these podcast episodes please consider leaving us an iTunes review and donating to our Patreon at so we can improve our iTunes ranking and afford to produce even more shows with awesome guests like Hal.

For Hal Bent our producer Chris Brodhead, this is David Kromelow saying so long, and as usual, stay awesome!!!

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