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#42 NFL Week 2 Preview with Hal Bent who covers the Patriots for Scout Media.

September 17, 2017

Week 2 of the 2017 NFL season kicked off Thursday night with the Texans knocking off the Bengals 13-9 in a game that was infinitely more boring than the score indicates. Only two games went down to the wire in week 1, but week 2 will hopefully bring more entertaining games. And to help us preview those games, it is a pleasure to welcome our good friend Hal Bent back to the program. Hal covers the Patriots for Scout media, and

Hal’s Twitter handle: @halbent01

Other Twitter handles: @MusketFire, @Cover32_NE

  1. What did you think of Deshaun Watson’s first NFL start? Can he grow into a pocket passer?
  2. Is this the final season for Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton in Cincinnati?
  3. Patriots/Saints
  • How much harder will it be for the Pats to stop Brees without Dont’a Hightower?
  • Do you expect the Pats to pepper Brandin Cooks with even more targets than usual given his return to NOLA?
  • What’s the matchup that will decide this game?
  • Who wins and why?
  1. Eagles/Chiefs
  • Do you see this game being more low-scoring than some anticipate given both teams’ familiarity with one another’s offensive schemes?
  • Who is more important to their teams odds of winning: Eagles DL or Chiefs weapons?
  • Who wins and why?
  1. Cowboys/Broncos
  • How will the Cowboys attack the Broncos in the passing game?
  • Is the Broncos best chance at victory to keep the Cowboys offense off the field, especially given their DL is operating at less than 100% health?
  • Who wins and why?
  1. Packers/Falcons
  • What makes the Falcons offense more of a challenge to this Packers D than the Seahawks? What do the Packers have to do defensively in order to carry over the momentum from their dominating performance against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks last week?
  • Do you think the Falcons will be extra motivated to win this game since it’s their regular season debut at Mercedes Benz Stadium?
  • Matchup that will decide the game
  • Who wins and why?
  1. Rapid Fire Predictions for the rest of the Week 2 games
  • Vikings/Steelers, Bears/Bucs, Titans/Jaguars, Browns/Ravens, Bills/Panthers, Cardinals/Colts, Dolphins/Chargers, Jets/Raiders, Redskins/Rams, 49ers/Seahawks, Lions/Giants

And that’s all for today here on Sports Krunch with DKrom!! But we’ll be back next week with a look at week 3 and what it means for your fantasy team and favorite real team, so stay tuned!!! Also, be sure to check out the episode archive as well as an up-to-date blog of mine at!!! For Hal Bent, our producer Chris Brodhead, man in the box, I’m David Kromelow saying so long and stay awesome!!!

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