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#43 Was the Rams Vs 49ers Week 3 Game a sign of exciting games to come? w/Hal Bent Patriots reporter for Scout Media

September 24, 2017

NFL Week 3 began last week with an unexpectedly entertaining barn-burner between the Rams and 49ers with LA escaping an admirable San Francisco comeback by a score of 41-39. We arguably saw the best game of this young 2017 NFL season last night, but hopefully it is a sign of exciting games to come this weekend. And to help us preview those contests, it is a pleasure to welcome our good friend Hal Bent back to the program. Hal covers the Patriots for Scout media, and
Hal’s Twitter handle: @halbent01
Other Twitter handles: @MusketFire, @Cover32_NE
1. Does the Rams offense make them a legit playoff contender??
2. How encouraged should 49ers fans be about the long-term future under the Lynch/Shanahan regime??
3. Contender or Pretender?
Would it surprise you if it turns out to be a three-team race for first in the AFC West until the very end?
4. Falcons/Lions
Which absence hurts the Falcons more: Vic Beasley or Ryan Schraeder?
Who wins and why?
5. Seahawks/Titans
If the Seahawks offense can’t score 20 or more points this weekend, is it time to panic?
This game is likely to be decided on the strength vs. strength battle between the Seahawks D and Titans O. What specific matchup within that battle are you watching the most and why?
Who wins and why?
6. Rapid Fire Predictions for the rest of the Week 2 games
Ravens/Jaguars, Broncos/Bills, Steelers/Bears, Texans/Patriots, Saints/Panthers, Browns/Colts, Buccaneers/Vikings, Dolphins/Jets, Giants/Eagles, Bengals/Packers, Chiefs/Chargers, Raiders/Redskins, Cowboys/Cardinals
And that’s all for today here on Sports Krunch with DKrom!! But we’ll be back next week with a look at week 4 and what it means for your fantasy team and favorite real team, so stay tuned!!! Also, be sure to check out the episode archive as well as an up-to-date blog of mine at!!! For Hal Bent, our producer Chris Brodhead, man in the box, I’m David Kromelow saying so long and stay awesome!!!

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