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#61 How well does Nick Foles have to play for Eagles to upset the Falcons? W/Hal Bent

January 13, 2018

Our prayers to the football gods were answered as Wild Card weekend delivered an unbelievable product, with three games decided by a touchdown or less. And I certainly hope the Divisional Round, which is usually the most exciting weekend on the NFL calendar, brings us some more heart-palpitating finishes. And to help us break down this weekend’s games and the NFL’s Elite 8, it is a pleasure to bring back once again our good friend Hal Bent, who covers the Patriots for Scout media, and
1. Is the slate of divisional round games more or less interesting than the Wild Card round, and why?

2. Falcons/Eagles
-Despite losing Carson Wentz and finishing the season poorly on offense, the Eagles feel disrespected being the underdog at home. How do you feel about the Eagles chances of pulling off the upset against the Falcons? (How well does Nick Foles have to play and how should the Eagles game plan to help him succeed?)
-The Falcons have hit their stride defensively holding their last six opponents (five of them against playoff teams) to under 17.0 points per game. Last week, they showed promise on offense. Do you think they’re hitting a similar stride offensively or was Wild Card weekend a mirage? (How can the Falcons find success offensively if the Eagles take away the run and force them to play left handed?)
-Who wins and why?

3. Titans/Patriots
-How much of a chance do the Titans have of shocking the world and what are three ways that they can prevail on Saturday?
-Were the Patriots to some degree playing it safe on offensively during the final quarter of the regular season in order to keep everybody healthy? Should we expect them to be aggressive and put the game away early?
-The Patriots pass rush was their biggest weakness all season long. Can the Titans exploit it through the play-action game and attacking downfield? How much will the addition of James Harrison help the Pats in this department?
-Who wins and why?

4. Jaguars/Steelers
-Antonio Brown is listed as questionable for this game as he was sent home today from practice with an illness. Although I still expect him to play, will the Steelers be able to attack the Jaguars through the air without Antonio Brown or with a sub-100% Antonio Brown?
-How different of a Steelers team is this from the team that got embarrassed by the Jaguars at home earlier in the season?
-Since the devastating injury to Ryan Shazier, the Steelers run defense regressed. Despite their victory last week, most of the rushing yardage came from Blake Bortles and not Leonard Fournette. Does the absence of Shazier give the Jags a better opportunity to get Fournette going or will the Steelers be able to game plan to stop the run?
-Who wins and why?

5. Saints/Vikings
-The last two games, the Saints have surrendered a combined 57 points and over 400 total yards of offense on average. How concerned should the Saints be about their defense against this Vikings offense? How different is this Saints D from the unit that got shredded by Sam Bradford in Week 1?
-Last week, the Saints overcame an absent ground attack with Drew Brees. Can Brees and the Saints aerial attack be counted on again to deliver against a stout Vikings secondary, especially if the Vikings take the running game away?
-What will play a bigger role in deciding the outcome: Case Keenum’s inexperience or the Saints defensive troubles?
-Who wins and why?

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