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#89 Recap of Best Super Bowl Ever? Plus what lies ahead on the NFL calendar w/Hal Bent of

February 08, 2018

Thank you football gods for answering our prayers!!! The 2017 NFL season concluded with one of the most memorable playoffs and Super Bowls I have ever seen. It all culminated over the weekend with Super Bowl LII, a game that set the record for most combined total yards (1,151) and went back and forth until the final minutes, resulting in the first ever Super Bowl championship for the Philadelphia Eagles, as they upset the New England Patriots 41-33. Joining us to recap this classic Super Bowl plus what lies ahead on the NFL calendar is our good friend Hal Bent, who covers the NFL and Patriots for


  1. Super Bowl Game Recap
  2. Can you name another coach in recent NFL history not named Bill Belichick that did such a masterful, championship-winning job as the one Doug Pederson just did?
  3. Do you think the Patriots would have won SB LII had Malcolm Butler played?? Or is it unfair to blame the Patriots loss solely on this one variable?
  4. Aside from Nick Foles, who was the big MVP for the Eagles in Super Bowl LII?
  5. Eagles Immediate Future
  6. If you were the Eagles, would you immediately try to trade Nick Foles for additional assets, or would you keep him until you’re convinced that Carson Wentz is fully recovered from ACL/LCL surgery??
  7. It is a huge possibility that the Eagles lose both offensive coordinator Frank Reich (a leading candidate to become the new head coach of the Colts) and QB coach John DeFilippo (who will skip the parade tomorrow to interview for the Vikings vacant OC position, as was reported by Adam Caplan.) How negatively will that impact the further development of Carson Wentz if both Reich and DeFilippo depart for greener pastures?
  8. As ESPN’s Field Yates points out, the Eagles have the following players under contract through at least the 2020 season: Wentz, Jeffery, Ertz, Kelce, Lane Johnson, Brooks, Cox, Jernigan, Barnett, Jenkins, McLeod. I know this is the NFL and things constantly change, but do you think the Eagles at LEAST have the potential to win another Lombardi Trophy or two with this stacked core of players?
  9. Patriots Immediate Future
  10. The stunning, last-minute decision by Josh McDaniels to remain in New England rather than be head coach of the Colts have many speculating that Bill Belichick’s retirement is looming on the horizon. How many more years do you see Bill Belichick coaching the Patriots?
  11. Tom Brady still has a lot of great stuff left as Super Bowl LII showed us. Which players/positions should the Patriots target in free agency and the draft in order to help Brady win one more Lombardi Trophy before he decides to hang up his cleats?
  12. Where would you put the odds of a Rob Gronkowski retirement?
  13. Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018
  14. What are your impressions of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018?
  15. The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019 will consist of five modern-era nominees, one-two contributor nominees, and a Senior nominee. If you had to pick the 2019 class today, who would it be?
  16. Look Ahead to Free Agency and the Draft
  17. If the Redskins do apply the franchise tag to Kirk Cousins for the third time, which team should bite the bullet and trade for him?
  18. Which non-QB will be the most sought-after free agent and why??
  19. Which QB should the Browns take with the first overall pick: Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, or Baker Mayfield??
  20. Which 2017 non-playoff team has the best chance to win Super Bowl LIII?
  21. Challenge flags

That concludes the 2017 NFL season here on Sports Krunch. But as they say, there is NO offseason in the NFL. In two weeks, we will begin our annual “Dash to the Draft” series as we get you ready for the 2018 NFL Draft, so stay tuned!! Be sure to check out the episode archive (including all the interviews I conducted at the Senior Bowl last week) as well as an up-to-date blog of mine at!! And if you enjoy these podcast episodes please consider leaving us an iTunes review and donating to our Patreon at so we can improve our iTunes ranking and afford to produce even more shows with awesome guests like Hal. 

For Hal Bent, our producer Chris Brodhead, I’m David Kromelow saying so long, and of course, stay awesome!!!


Hal’s Twitter handle: @halbent01


Other Twitter handles: @MusketFire, @Cover32_NE


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