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#264: 2021 New Orleans Saints Preview + Life as a Woman Covering The NFL (with Saints beat reporter Katherine Terrell of The Athletic)

1. This is the first year of the post-Drew Brees era for the Saints. Thus, all eyes are on the looming training camp battle between Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston to be the starting QB Week 1 in New Orleans. As of right now, what is your most educated guess as to which of those two will be under center for the Saints September 12 against the Packers?

2. Given the COVID-related salary cap reduction this season, the Saints cap issues were further magnified this year. Moreover, according to OverTheCap.com, the Saints are projected to start the 2022 league year nearly $15 million above the cap, $14.847 million to be exact. This means, they will likely have to get super creative as they try to re-sign their two 2017 first-round picks, Marshon Lattimore and Ryan Ramczyk. Which one of those two do you believe is most likely to re-sign in New Orleans long-term? Can you see the Saints eventually re-signing both?

3. In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Saints used all of their picks in the premium rounds (rounds 1-3) on defense. In the first round, they selected pass-rushing DE Payton Turner out of Houston. Next, in the second round, they selected Ohio State LB Pete Werner, and they traded up 22 spots in the third to select Stanford CB Paulson Adebo. Which of those three rookies do you see making the biggest impact for the Saints this season?

4. In the fourth round, the Saints took another roll of the proverbial QB dice with Ian Book out of Notre Dame. During the pre-draft process, a draft analyst friend of mine who I trust said that Ian Book should switch positions and become a running back. Thus, when the Saints took him, I was wondering if they view him as Taysom Hill’s eventual replacement, especially if Hill is a cap casualty after this season. Do the Saints see Ian Book that way?

5. Aside from the Jameis/Taysom competition, what are the biggest Saints training camp position battles to keep an eye on?

6. Before we proceed, I am pleased to announce that we’re beginning a very special series of episodes on Women In Sports. This podcast intends to help promote and empower women in all facets of the sports industry as much as possible, from cheerleaders, reporters, agents and managers, to coaches and athletes. And speaking of women in sports, several major glass ceilings have just been smashed in the NFL. In the past month, Kelly Kleine and Catherine Raiche, became the two highest-ranked female scouting executives in NFL history. Would you be surprised if we saw the first ever woman NFL GM some time this decade?

7. In your career on the NFL beat, was there ever a moment where you felt that you were treated unfairly because you’re a woman? What should us men do to help create and ensure the safest, most equitable work environment possible for women in sports, or in any other high-profile industry?



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