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#272: Early Storylines From NFL Training Camps (with Carl Dumler of Mile High Huddle)

1. If both Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson take until late October to recover, are the Colts looking at a potential top-10, if not top-five pick in the 2022 NFL Draft?

2. Chris Mortensen reported that the Colts are not going to pursue a trade for a veteran QB like Nick Foles, Gardner Minshew, or Marcus Mariota at this time, but implied the team can change its mind if Jacob Eason struggles badly in preseason. Should that happen, which of those three aforementioned quarterbacks would YOU trade for if you were Chris Ballard, and why?

3. Do you think the Niners will be forced to abandon their original plan and start Trey Lance sooner than many expect?

4. As long as the Bears get 10 or more starts from Justin Fields this year, would it be acceptable to let him wait his turn for just a few weeks given the uncertainties on the offensive line?

5. How bullish are you on this new Chiefs offensive line and if they’re as good as PFF thinks they’re going to be, is defending Patrick Mahomes going to be scarier than ever before?

6. Last week, nearly the entire Vikings QB room, including Kirk Cousins, was forced to isolate when rookie Kellen Mond tested positive for COVID-19, because they were not vaccinated. If this was Week 1, the Vikings would have been in BIG BIG trouble. Do you get the feeling that a similar situation that occurs in the regular season will cost a team a spot in the playoffs?

7. Do you like how the Broncos are apparently going to use Pat Surtain?

8. The Browns were outscored by 11 points last year and were an astonishing 7-2 in games decided by seven points or less, and that’s almost certainly going to regress to the mean in 2021. Because of those statistics, should the Ravens be considered AFC North favorites?

9. Two star defensive players (Cardinals pass rushing OLB Chandler Jones and Dolphins CB Xavien Howard) have made it clear they want to be traded. If either the Cardinals, Dolphins (or both) are forced to cave in at some point before the trade deadline, what would be the best possible destination for Jones and for Howard?

10. Tonight, football returns with the Hall of Fame Game between the Cowboys and Steelers. If there are any players on either team to keep an eye on tonight, who are they and why?



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