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#273: WOMEN IN SPORTS (with Rebecca Carney, Tampa Bay Rays Radio)

1.  As you know, this past year-and-a-half or so has been nothing short of paradigm shifting in terms of women in sports. It seems that every month, a new glass ceiling in the sports industry is smashed to pieces. In recent months, we’ve seen the highest-ranked female scouting executives in NFL history (Kelly Kleine of the Denver Broncos and Catherine Raiche of the Philadelphia Eagles) and two women (Becky Hammon and Teresa Weatherspoon) receive serious consideration for NBA head coaching jobs. Yet Major League Baseball, where you work, saw arguably the two biggest glass ceilings get shattered this year. First, we witnessed Kim Ng become the first woman GM in league history, and just a few weeks ago, we saw the first-ever all-female broadcast of a Major League Baseball game with Alanna Rizzo, Sarah Langs, Lauren Gardner, Heidi Watney and Melanie Newman. As a woman who assists with the radio broadcasts of an MLB franchise, how much did it mean to you to see such a barrier-breaking milestone in terms of women in sports media, and sports in general? Have you met any of the five aforementioned women who took part in that historic broadcast?

2. During your career, have you ever felt mistreated solely because you’re a woman? What can me and my fellow men do to help ensure the safest workplace environment possible for women, whether in sports, or in any other field?

3. What are some of the responsibilities of your current job? Do you aspire to get to a higher level in broadcasting, whether as a studio anchor, field reporter, etc.?

4. You currently reside in Tampa, where the Lightning just won back-to-back Stanley Cup titles, the Bucs are coming off an incredible win in Super Bowl LV, and are in the best position possible to run it back, and the Rays are coming off a World Series appearance. Given all this winning, many are referring to Tampa as “CHAMPA BAY.” How does it feel to be living in Tampa amidst all this championship-level play from its three major sports teams?

5. What were your favorite pro sports teams growing up?

6. What are some of your favorite sports to watch other than baseball?

7. When you look at the standings alone in both the American and National League, it seems like a wide open race for the 2021 World Series Championship. I just want to get some predictions from you as to how the rest of this MLB season will unfold

-Best NL record: Los Angeles Dodgers

-Best AL record: Tampa Bay Rays

-2021 League MVP: Ohtani

-2021 Cy Young Award Winner: Liam Hendricks

-2021 AL Champion: Rays (if not, White Sox)

-2021 NL Champion: Dodgers

-2021 World Series winner:

-MVP of 2021 World Series: Rays over Dodgers



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