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#274: WOMEN IN SPORTS + 2021 Chicago Bears/NFL Talk (with athlete manager Ally Redig, Founder/President of Athlete Relations)

1. Do you know or know of Kelly Kleine, and if so, what kind of football mind did the Broncos get with her and what makes her so good at what she does?

2. Who do you have in mind for the first ever all-woman NFL broadcast?

3. In recent months, your business, Athlete Relations has grown even more. In addition to signing more NFL clients, in what other ways has Athlete Relations expanded since we last had you on?

4. During your time in the sports industry, have you ever felt mistreated solely because you’re a woman? What can me and my fellow men do to create THE best possible workplace environment for women in sports, and in any other field?

5. Do you still think it would be the worst thing for the Bears to play Dalton for just four games and then give the reins to Justin Fields shortly thereafter?

6. How much will what Simone Biles did shift the paradigm in how women in sports (and women in general) are perceived and does the sick reaction of many to her decision not to participate in that event show you that too many of my fellow men are unfortunately desperate to not let our sisters take more control of the wheel?

7. 2021 NFL Predictions

-2021 NFL MVP: Josh Allen

-2021 NFL Offensive POY: Alvin Kamara, Derrick Henry

-2021 NFL Defensive POY: Chase Young

-2021 NFL Offensive ROY: Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance

-2021 NFL Defensive ROY: Wide open

-2021 NFL Comeback POY: Nick Bosa, Dak Prescott

-2021 NFL Coach of the Year: Kyle Shanahan, Brandon Staley

-Super Bowl LVI Matchup and Winner: 49ers, Chiefs over Packers



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