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#236: 2021 Dash To The Draft (QB’s with Mark Schofield)

1. I am as guilty as charged for carelessly saying “this guy is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck” in the past, which I’m not qualified to do so given my porous film-evaluation skills. However, to say that about Trevor Lawrence may not be hyperbole. What makes Trevor Lawrence such a special, generational prospect? Do you like his fit with Urban Meyer and the Jaguars?

2. Almost every year, a QB begins the season as a borderline Day 2/Day 3 selection and eventually skyrockets into the top-five. This year, that prospect is BYU’s Zach Wilson, who many expect to be selected by the New York Jets with the #2 overall pick provided they decide to trade Sam Darnold. Conventional wisdom has it that Wilson is a natural fit for the Shanahan-esque system that new Jets OC Mike LaFleur will be running, but Benjamin Solak strongly disputed that notion in a recent column for The Draft Network. Do you side with Solak or the CW?

3.  In terms of draft stock, if there’s a QB that is somewhat of an opposite to Zach Wilson, it’s Justin Fields. Fields entered the year as the near-unanimous choice as the 2nd-best QB prospect in this class. But some serious trouble spots in his game were exposed this season, most notably his struggles when his initial target is taken away. And Tony Pauline (Pro Football Network) reported that he is falling down draft boards. What would be the best possible situation for Fields to be in as a rookie?

4. It’s hard to believe, but it is pretty likely that for the second time in six years, a North Dakota State QB will be selected in the first round. Although there is concern about Trey Lance’s relatively thin resume (he only started 17 games, including only one in the past 414 days per Peter King), people have praised his poise and decision-making. Why do you think some clubs may have Lance ahead of Justin Fields?

5. Another QB garnering first-round discussion is Alabama’s Mac Jones. Jones, however, is a “throwback” pocket passer that many believe is going the way of the dodo. Your colleague Doug Farrar wrote a column that essentially said for that reason alone, he shouldn’t be a first-round pick. But given the high demand and relative lack of supply at QB, Jones may go earlier than many think. When is the earliest point in the draft that you would take a chance on him?

6. What QB that is expected to be selected late Day 2 or some time Day 3 is the most likely to outperform his draft value?

7. QB Carousel Fits

-Wilson: Panthers

-Lance: 49ers

-Jones: Patriots, Washington, Broncos

-Fields: Falcons

-Stafford: Rams

-Goff: Lions

-Wentz: Colts

-Darnold: Washington

-Wilson: Bears

-Watson: Dolphins, 49ers



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