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#278: 2021 Week 2 NFL Preview (with Hal Bent)

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  1. Week 1 Takeaways

-Me: The Chargers proved they aren’t the same old Chargers

-Hal: LOTS of surprises

  1. Truth or Exaggeration

-All four NFC West teams will make the playoffs

-Justin Herbert and Matthew Stafford will be among the top three finalists for 2021 NFL MVP honors

-Kyler Murray has already proven himself to be a legit NFL franchise QB

-Urban Meyer will only last one season as Jaguars head coach

-It’s time to talk about the Atlanta Falcons as a serious candidate to have the #1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft

-The Philadelphia Eagles will be serious contenders for a Wild Card playoff spot this season

-Even though they didn’t come away with a win, the way the Browns played the Chiefs last week bodes EXTREMELY well for their chances in a potential playoff rematch at Arrowhead, especially when the weather will likely benefit their physical brand of football more

-The Tennessee Titans offense will be one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments in 2021

  1. This Or That

-Who had the more impressive defensive performance in Week 1: Steelers or Cardinals?

-Who is the best bet to be the main RB for the 49ers going forward: Trey Sermon or Elijah Mitchell?

-Which head coach has the hotter seat: Mike Zimmer or Matt Nagy?

-Who was the more impressive QB in Week 1: Dak Prescott or Derek Carr?

  1. Cowboys at Chargers Preview
  2. Chiefs at Ravens Preview
  3. Picks for all other Week 2 Games
  4. -Giants at Washington
  5. -49ers at Eagles
  6. -Rams at Colts
  7. -Broncos at Jaguars
  8. -Texans at Browns
  9. -Raiders at Steelers
  10. -Bengals at Bears
  11. -Saints at Panthers
  12. -Patriots at Jets
  13. -Bills at Dolphins
  14. -Vikings at Cardinals
  15. -Falcons at Buccaneers
  16. -Titans at Seahawks
  17. -Lions at Packers
  18. Bold Predictions -Hal: A.J. Brown goes off for 10 receptions, 200 yards, and 4 TD
  19. -DKrom: Aaron Rodgers roars back with a vengeance against the Lions on Monday night and throws an NFL record 8 TD passes in one game
  20. Challenge Flags -DKrom: Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace, if you want to increase the odds of keeping your jobs, START JUSTIN FIELDS NOW!!!!
  21. -Hal: Mike Vrabel and Titans D…SHOW US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!!



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