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#277: 2021 Week 1 NFL Preview (with Hal Bent)


-Was it a good idea or bad idea for the Patriots to release Cam Newton and hand over the reins to Mac Jones right from the get go?

-Was it a good idea or bad idea for the Broncos to name Teddy Bridgewater as their starting QB over Drew Lock?

-Is it a good idea or bad idea for the Bears to begin the season with Andy Dalton under center as opposed to Justin Fields?

-Is it a good idea or bad idea for the 49ers to hold Trey Lance out of practice until Week 3 so the “small chip” fracture in his hand can fully heal?

2. Truth or Exaggeration

-Zach Wilson, who I originally panned the Jets for drafting rather than Justin Fields or Trey Lance, has a FAR better chance of becoming the best QB from the 2021 class than most of us initially thought

-Robert Saleh is THE best possible man to help make the Jets a consistently relevant franchise

-Jameis Winston will have his best year as a pro in 2021

-The Carolina Panthers will finish with a better record than the Saints this season

-The Packers are the team that’s best equipped to dethrone the Bucs in the NFC

-Josh Allen, not Patrick Mahomes, will be the highest-scoring QB in fantasy football this year

-Tom Brady is right in his comments about it being more difficult for the NFL to deal with COVID-19 this year given the return to full capacity stadiums

3. Cowboys/Bucs Preview and Prediction

-Impact of Zach Martin’s absence, is Cowboys D improved?, is Bucs D even better?, Key Matchups

4. Browns/Chiefs Preview and Prediction

-Are Browns AFC’s strongest roster outside of KC?, Key Matchups

5. Picks for all other Week 1 Games

-Jets at Panthers

-Eagles at Falcons

-Chargers at Washington

-49ers at Lions

-Vikings at Bengals

-Steelers at Bills

-Cardinals at Titans

-Seahawks at Colts

-Jaguars at Texans

-Packers at Saints

-Dolphins at Patriots

-Broncos at Giants

-Bears at Rams

-Ravens at Raiders

6. Bold Predictions

-Hal: Matthew Stafford throws for 300+ yards and 4 TD’s in the first half alone

-DKrom: Andy Dalton gets sacked 10 times by the Rams, forcing the Bears to turn to Justin Fields in the second half

7. Challenge Flags

-DKrom: Packers, if this is indeed “The Last Dance” with Aaron Rodgers…play like it on Sunday!! DOMINATE the Saints, regardless of what the final score says

-Hal: Bengals organization…KEEP JOE BURROW UPRIGHT!!!



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